TEXT: Kaoruko Momoi

”YOUTHWAVE”, this is the name of the project that we introduce notable newcomers from our own perspective. Most of the artists introduced in YOUTHWAVE have bortherless sensibility. Some of them made professional debut and they are supported by many listeners now.

Do you know that those artists in Japan are now watching Asian music industries? That means, we can find a lot of artists who have same kind of sensibility in Asia, very close countries beyond the sea.

We are very excited to get to know the music from unknown scene. ”YOUTHWAVE extra edition Bortherless Asia” is on our upcoming magazine, BELONG Magazine Vol.20. We can’t miss this spectacular scene in Asia!


※Only domestic sales

I Mean Us/The White Tulips
Lin Ying/MISO/Neon Bunny/OOHYO/Leah Dou

DATS/Cigarettes After Sex