【interview】Who is playing Britpop in Northern Europe, Copenhagen? They are Communions!

Communions are going to release their expected first album, ”Blue”. Even though they are nameless in Japan, their EP have sold out just with the reserved ones. As their music reminds of Britpop, we asked Martin, the vocalist how their mutational sound was made in Copenhagen.

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【interview】A self-titled album ”PLASTICZOOMS” is based on their club music experience in Berlin

How come PLASTICZOOMS jumped out Japan and started playing music in Germany? Three of them talk about their self-titled album ”PLASTICZOOMS”. This ambitious album reflects their club music experience in Berlin directly.

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デビューアルバム『from JAPAN』から約1年、本日5曲入りEP『5曲』をリリースしたローファイポップバンドTempalay。様々な音色に彩られ、アメリカの都市名を冠した5曲の名曲。日本を飛び出しSXSWを含むアメリカツアーを行った彼らはどのような変化と成長を遂げたのだろうか。メンバーに話を聞いた。

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