Band’s name was random. We opened a dictionary with our eyes closed and we pointed a word, so it was “Mourn” and we really liked the sound of it. And for sure the meaning!


Artist:Carla Interviewer:桃井かおる子 Translate:Yada Mayumi

-You use your band’s name on this album title. What does it mean?
Carla:It’s our first album, our first songs as a band. So we tought it was the perfect way to introduce ourselfs.


-“Mourn”, means ‘to feel or show grief or sorrow’. Why did you choose this word as your band name?
It was random. We opened a dictionary with our eyes closed and we pointed a word, so it was “Mourn” and we really liked the sound of it. And for sure the meaning!


-Please tell me about the story how you formed this band.
Jazz and Carla met at school so they start meeting and playing together. A year after they started writing songs and decided to ask Antonio and Leia if they wanted to play with them. So, that’s it. We started playing and thinking about the idea of record our songs.


-I think you are musically influenced by Ramones because you wear T-shirt of Ramones in official photo. Why are you interested in music which was popular before you were born?
Because we’re lucky to have all the music that we want. So punk always was an atraction to us.


-What kind of music does teenager listen in Spain?
There’s A LOT of teenagers! Some of them listen to garage, indie-rock music, electronica. But the most of them listen to comercial songs.


-You express negative emotion such as death or anger on your lyrics. Why do you sing about that?
Because we feel this way sometimes and we need to express that feelings out. We’re a happy people anyway!


-Are you interested in writing positive lyrics like expressing “hope” in the future?
There’s a lot of positivity too in the album haha! Yeah, it’s soemthing that can happen.


-I think your performance also have dark and heavy atmosphere same as lyrics. What do you regard as importance in your performance?
The power, the rage, Antonio’s drums, our smiles.


-Both of you look really suggestive and seem to want to say something on the cover of this album. What do you want to express whit this cover?


-Why did you make contract with Captured Tracks?
Because the idea of being on a label like Captured Tracks is awesome! And of course, the idea of touring and playing a lot catches us!

-なぜCaptured Tracksと契約したのでしょうか?
Captured Tracksのようなレーベルに所属できるって素晴らしいと思ったから!もちろん、ツアーやライブについてのアイディアも気に入った理由の1つよ。

-Please tell me your band’s vision for the future. Also, do you have a role model?
We don’t know about what’s coming, we hope that something really cool and bright. We’re living the experience of our lifes! We don’t think too much about role models. People is changing so we are and we really like different types of music, we’re always experimenting with everything.


-Now, many girl’s band and women rock singers become popular in music scene. For example, Haim and Sky Ferreira. What do you think about that?
There were a lot of girls in music, that’s not a new thing. We really love to dance Haim tunes.


-What kind of people do you want to listen to this album?


-We, ‘BELONG’ has a concept,”Roots Rock Media”. So please tell us three albums that influenced Mourn’s sound.
There are no specific albums that influenced us. We really like “Diary” Sunny Day Real State, “Horses” Patti Smith, “In Utero” Nirvana, “Bakesale” Sebadoh and thousands of records more.

特別影響を受けたってアルバムはないわ。単純に私たちがすごく好きなのはSunny Day Real Estateの『Diary』、Patti Smithの『Horses』、Nirvanaの『In Utero』、Sebadohの『Bakesale』とか他にも何千もあるわ。

-Please give a message to Japanese fans.
Hi Japanese fans, for us is so so exciting that someone in Japan is listening our music! Thank you so much and hope to play there soon!


モーン [ボーナス・トラック収録・歌詞・対訳・解説付き / 国内盤]
Tugboat Records Inc. (2015-02-18)
売り上げランキング: 130,967
ハ・ハ・ヘ (HA, HA, HE.) (直輸入盤帯ライナー付国内仕様)
CAPTURED TRACKS (2016-05-25)
売り上げランキング: 25,138
ソルプレッサ・ファミリア (SORPRESA FAMILIA)
CAPTURED TRACKS (2018-06-30)
売り上げランキング: 130,375