Korean synthesizer pop artist who collaborated with Kai Takahashi from LUCKY TAPES

TEXT: Tomo Kinoshita

South Korea is well known for K-Pop or K-HipHop, but Korean Indie music scene is very hot right now. Korean Indie Rock bands including HYUKOH, who made a debut in Japan are playing music with their bortherless sensibities. Especially OOHYO, a singer-song writer who was born in South Korea, grew up in the U.S. and currently performing in London, where she is staying at as an exchange student, she is amazing.

She released her debut EP 『Girl Sense』 in 2014. This was featured in foreign music media and became a hot topic. Also in South Korea, many Korean entertainers encourages her music in their SNS. They all wish to work on something with her.

When I first listened to her current song 「Pizza」, I’ve never imagined that she is an artist from Asia. Her synchesizer pop music doesn’t represent specific nationality and it’s dreamy, also very comfortable to listen to. Her soft and lovely voice muches her cute outlook. The vocalist of LUCKY TAPES, Kai Takahashi who also work as a composer on his own did a remix of her flip side song. It was very stimulating to see young artists inspires each other beyond the borther.

The listeners were surprised that she featured Korean rapper, The Quiett in her first album ”Adventure”. The way she pursue genreless and informal music is also her attraction. Her music is second to none compared to American or European music. Some of the lyrics of her songs are written in Korean, but it doesn’t bother anything, it even proves the quality of her music.

What is internsting about her is that she’ve never spent time in certain one place. From California, Arizona, New Jersey, she went back to South Korea, then moved to London.

The experiences that she jumped in different cultures might be the reason why she creates unique music in free style. The artists she has influenced by are Phoenix, Mamas Gun, Manceau, Elton John and so on. It is very natural that she creates bortherless music as she was strongly influenced from western music and activates beyond the borther. We might be able to she her performing in all over the world in the near future.


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